Why we should study when we’re in high school

Credits goes to Taiyou to Umi No Kyoshitsu. A great Japanese drama indeed.

Here is one of the point of this drama:

Once upon a time, there was a s17-years old student  who was asking to his teacher:”Why we should study? Why are we studying for the test? I’ve started to notice that our studying is useless. We can use internet and computer nowadays to know something. I don’t say that I’m dissatisfied. However, I just don’t understand it”.

The teacher wisely answered this:
“Yes, indeed. Our studying is completely useless in the future. But, it’s not okay if we do not study.”

“There is a folk tale in South America which is passed down for generations. One day, the forest caught fire. All of the animals had ran away, except hummingbird. The hummingbird went back and forth, carrying a drop of water in his beak. Then he dropped it over the fire. The other animals laughed and asked why he did it. And he answered that he would do everything that he could do. Of course, his effort is  useless. Only 1% of fire that was put out. Then, is it all right to do nothing? No, it is not. Even if only 1% of your effort rewarded, for those who make the effort that 1% is 100%.

“When I was in your age, I had similar doubts, why I had to study for test? But, now I have the answer. To me, studying is like treasure hunt.”

“We do anything to get the treasure. We cross sea, climb the mountain, walk on many different paths, and so on. There are also many trashes on your hand, too. But if you stop your journey because you think that journey is useless, then you will not find the treasure. Even, only one step more from where the treasure is buried.”

“Imagine this, after 99% useless work, you find the treasure. All of useless work is not completely useless.”

And, the student asked again:
“Have you found the treasure, sir?”

The teacher replied:
“I have found the treasure. That’s why I teach you to study.”

Well, this blog is just copy-paste from the story I have watched. But, because it has a very good point. I will post it.

One more : Kitagawa Keiko and Tanimura Mitsuki is really cute. ^ ^


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