Final Project

Well, I have become 4th student in Informatic Engineering, ITB. Now, I have to compose my own Final Project to graduate. I have thought for 2 topic for my Final Project proposal:
1. The topic is about Ambient Occlusion.
Hmmm…. May be it will be a good Final Project, but I’m not very confident of myself to make it intime. Furthermore, I do not have any basics of 3D and I’m not very confident if I can get my tutor in this theme. Too much risk. I wonder if I can make it intime.

2. The topic is about Information Retrieval Application
It’s contrast to the first topic. In this topic, I have some basis because I have taken the class. So, by that, I (may) have less difficulties than the first one. However, I feel I can make the first one, I will be more proud because it has greater difficulties for me (I think).

Well, my constraint is the time. I have only 1 year to get the Final Project done. Now, what should I do?

EDIT: Finally, My Topic Is Out Of Vocabulary Handling with Ayu Purwarianti as my mentor.


1 Response to “Final Project”

  1. 1 hengQ
    October 7, 2008 at 8:51 pm

    ciee… pake bahasa inggris

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